KWC is Karaoke World Championships

Now in its 15th year, the Karaoke World Championships (KWC) is the biggest amateur singing competition in the world!

Regardless of race, nation or religion this multi-cultural international music event brings together singers from all over the world in the spirit of music, entertainment, and fun.

KWC is the opportunity for aspiring singers from all walks of life to perform on a world stage. KWC Apac is the only organisation in the region that can issue the country licenses to organise Karaoke World Championships.

The World Finals is typically held in November of each year.  One of the really exciting aspects of this competition is that the World Final is held in a different location each year!  The host city for 2017 will be Helsinki, Finland, and the location for 2018 will be announced at this year’s World Finals!!

International Judging Criteria

All member countries of KWC follow the same criteria for judging. Judges shall award each performer between 1 and 10 points for each of the following 4 categories, based upon the following specific criteria:


Quality of Voice, Mastery of Voice, Range, Dynamics, Timbre


Pitch , Timing, Breathing, Diction, Skill


Expressiveness,Musicality,Lyrical,Individuality, Song Choice


Charisma, Confidence, Movement, Costume & Appearance, Audience Appeal

How you can be a part of KWC

  • Online Submission
    Judges Panel will be choosing top online auditionees to join the National finals in October. Online auditionee with most number of Facebook shares and likes automatically qualifies for the national finals
  • Public Auditions
    You can join our public auditions.
    Click the link above to view the audition schedules for this year's KWC or email us at

Why Join

Take the first step in becoming a world singing champion… SING YOUR WAY TO FINLAND!

Get a chance to win exciting prize package (please check with your country on specifics) including Roundtrip Airfare and Accommodation to Helsinki, Finland to represent your country in the world championships!


  • Title of KWC Country Champion
  • Recording Contract
  • Feature in press conference, press releases and media interviews
  • Prize package including cash, gift packs and vouchers
  • Trophy, medal and certificates


*Pls check with your country, as every country championships will have different prize packages